Friday, July 21, 2006

What Does the Christian Right Want?

Under the administration of George W. Bush, large majorities now understand the country has gotten off on the wrong track. People, reflecting on how the country is fairing under Bush, for the most part now believe that Bush is not competent, has not been truthful, and does not care about people like themselves. In fact, the polls say that only 29% of the American public holds a positive opinion regarding the job Bush is doing.
It might be surprising to view this as a positive sign for our country, but in one critical aspect, this is a very lucky break for Americans and the world. The fact that vast majorities have decided that Bush is a terrible leader means those working to create the Cult of Bush have been dealt a grievous setback. The mess that Bush and his cronies have made of everything also reflects on the conservatives that foisted him upon us and it demonstrates the complete bankruptcy of their vision for the country.
When George W. Bush was nominated for President, the Religious Right saw him as the leader that would finally bring the country under the dominion of God. Bush and his backers talked about how he had been chosen by God to protect the country. So when Pat Robertson, the head of the Christian Coalition stepped down after 9/11, the Christian Right saw this as a sign that Bush was now the leader of conservative Christians.
"I think Robertson stepped down because the position has already been filled," said Gary Bauer, a religious conservative who challenged Bush in the Republican primary. Bush "is that leader right now. There was already a great deal of identification with the president before 9-11 in the world of the Christian right, and the nature of this war is such that it's heightened the sense that a man of God is in the White House."
Although many people know the Religious Right is very influential in the Bush administration, not so many know what their goals are in the long run. Their goals are nothing less than the destruction of our democratic society and the imposition of a society that would harshly punish unruliness, dissent and any disobedience to the rule of the theocrats – those who they believe God put in charge.
During the 1990’s the Religious Right succeeded in uniting various strains of Christian fundamentalism to support the take over of the American government in order to impose a philosophy of governing known as Dominionism or Christian Reconstructionism. As Katherine Yurica noted, "Be aware that Dominionism is in fact, a brilliantly executed road that leads to total power."
Frederick Clarkson laid out the route that Christian Reconstructionism planned to use to gain power: they planned to rewrite history to say the founding fathers wished to establish a Christian nation rather than a nation ruled by laws created by free citizens.Continue reading "What Does the Christian Right Want?"
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