Monday, July 10, 2006

US Forces in Iraq Infiltrated by Aryan Nation

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, extremists are increasingly allowed in the US Army because the army is having a problem filling their recruitment targets. This is very bad, because what the army is doing is creating a whole group of Timothy McVeighs who are training for the coming race war.
An article in the National Alliance magazine Resistance urged skinheads to join the Army and insist on being assigned to light infantry units.
The Southern Poverty Law Center identified the author as Steven Barry, who it said was a former Special Forces officer who was the alliance's "military unit coordinator."
"Light infantry is your branch of choice because the coming race war and the ethnic cleansing to follow will be very much an infantryman's war," he wrote. "It will be house-to-house, neighborhood-by-neighborhood until your town or city is cleared and the alien races are driven into the countryside where they can be hunted down and 'cleansed.' "
He concluded: "As a professional soldier, my goal is to fill the ranks of the United States Army with skinheads. As street brawlers, you will be useless in the coming race war. As trained infantrymen, you will join the ranks of the Aryan warrior brotherhood."
When you hear someone talk about how good Bush is on terrorism, ask why the Commander in Chief is training terrorists to overthrow the US Government.

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