Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ann Coulters, Angry White Women?

Now, Jay Leno should Know better then to have this crazy on his show, Jay you will not get a boost from the her appearance, and dose NBC thinks that it has to out Fox, Fox by lowering its self by laying down with dogs?

What is truly loathsome about Ms. Coulters is that she would not know the truth if she stepped in it! Moreover, the Media needs to call her on it. It is one thing to denounce her for the lire that she is and it another to not her on TV agene or print her newspaper column.

What, I find funny about the whole soutre sorted affair is that, a White Woman can get on National TV and say, what ever she wants, about whomever she wants wit no repercussions… If a Black Woman did the same thing, she would be labeled an ANGER BLACK WOMAN, and dismissed out right….But not Miss shit for brains

The media in this country better watch out, for it will not be long before their are out of a job. Because you do not need journalist to rubber stamp and reprint what Karl Rove, the Christian Right and the KKK ,want America to hear. Hay its Just One Brothers View….


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