Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Im Not Crazy!

I have heard that “If you are a Black Man living in America and you are not paranoid! Then, you are Crazy”! Now, If don’t believe me, maybe you should read on…The Bush Administration, has in the last three years sitting the specter of 9/11, AL-Quida and using the very dangerous Patriot Act.

The CIA has set up a Secret prision System in countries around the World, with full knowledge and support of the President Brush, and the Dept. of Justices. To make things worse Vice President Cheney and the Former CIA Director, Porter J. Goss asked congress, to exempt CIA employees from legislation, which would bar cruel and degrading treatment of any prisoner in US custody! OH, But hold on sports fans, U.S. Intelligences Officials argue, that the successful Defense of the county requires that the CIA be empowered to HOLD and INTERGATE and without restrictions imposed by the U.S. Legal System or by a Military Tribunal !

This is illegal and morally reprehensible, to allows the CIA and the Bush Administration to get around U.S Law by setting up these” Black Sites“ in other countries, but this is in volition of the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, witch the United States singed. The CIA also used what is called “Enhanced Integration Techniques”! No, matter how you put it is still torture and it is illegal.

NOW, what we must remember is that the Bush Administration doses not want any public discourse about the Illegal Wiretapping, the building of Black Sits and collect of phone records by the NSA, is very troubling.

It is illegal for the government to hold prisoners in such isolation in secret prisons in the United States, which is why the CIA placed them overseas, according to several former and current intelligence officials and other U.S. government officials. Legal experts, intelligence officials, and the CIS’s internment also would be considetd. Illegal under the laws of several host countries, where detainees have right to have a lawyer or to mount a defense against allegation of wrongdoing.

At what point does our government conceder you or I, enemies of the states, is it a phone call from over seas, will it be the books you check out from the public library? On the other hand, will this Blog do me in?


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