Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coulter's At it Agine

Well she at it agene Ann Coulter, has an opinion pice in today Stars and Stripes our military
newspaper, witch is entitled “Tuition Sours Due To Price of Professors.”

Ms. Coulter spent most of her ink defending the Big Oil Companies and High gas prices and that jackass David Horowitz. OH, its gets better, she writes, “Why not subsidize the oil companies, which provide a product essealial to allowing 300 million Americans to live and put a cap on the price on colleges, seem designed to turn out more liberals on the productive.” What the Hell is she talking about? Has she forgotten about the 14.5 Billion Dollars in Tax breaks and tax subsidies or that Lee Raymond the CEO of EXXONMOBAL retirement package is 400 MILLION DOLLARS! But, she has the nerve to complain about, Ward Churchill being played $120,000 a year for teaching and being a Dept. Head at the University of Colorado…Now, if you took some of the QAUTER OF A TRILLION DOLLARS in profits the oil companies have made sins Brush took office.

She complains about “ Americans taxpayers subsidize the most ccretinous, idiotic, hate-filled lunatics in the universe- and liberals are demanding that we direct our hate towards people like Lee Raymond who allow us to go to the bathroom indoors” she actually said this. What one has to with the other, I have know ideal. I guess she means the Conservative and cultural right. Because we all know that, they are the most cretinous, idiotic, hate-filled lunatics in the universe. Not to mention Racist and sexist


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