Friday, April 21, 2006

Hello All

Sorry, to all of you that check in from time to time, all five of you. I have been on leave that is a vacation for you civilian’s types. It was a short 15 days; in case you’re inserted, the family is doing well. I hit up a couple of book stores read a few newspapers and witch a little TV. More to come in the next posting about the books.

For those of you who do not know I am soldier. As the photo above shows, I am back at work. I started the blog a few mouths ago because, I in all good conscious cannot sit back and not speck up about what is happing to our beloved country, which is right beloved country.

As an America and aspeally as a black American, I must make my views known to those who wish to read them. As a Soldier, I must be careful not to incur the irear of the U S Army, so I cannot revel my location or what I am doing. I will say it’s HOT. After reading in The Manual for courts martial. I have found that, as an enlisted member of the US Army, I can say pretty mush what I want about Mr. Bush. However, I do not trust the Army to not change the policy and jack me up over it. Therefore, I will be careful for about the next Year.

I can and will speak to the lager political issues that affect us all. I just hope what what I have to say is instering and some what insightful…...Thanks ….Its just ONE Brothers VIEW


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