Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How Tom DeLay Stole Congress

Hey, Sports fans Check this out....

Announcing Brave New Films' next documentary

Like all of you, we at Brave New Films have been distraught and furious as the revelations of corruption in Congress have unfolded. The size and scope of this corruption, and its impact on all our lives, is enormous. So of course, several months ago we began to discuss doing a film on the topic. Then, to our great relief and pleasure, we found that two very talented guys from Texas, Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck, were close to finishing a documentary called THE BIG BUY: HOW TOM DELAY STOLE CONGRESS. THE BIG BUY connects the dots between corporate power, dirty money elections and corruption. One thing quickly led to another, and now...

We need your help to make sure this film is seen. Please order your copy now. Your early support and DVD orders will allow Brave New Films to continue our work in organizing and educating for social change. As you know, we are a nonprofit working outside the standard distribution system with our films, so your support is crucial to our continuing success.


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